According to the United Nations, the proportion of people aged over 65 now outnumber children younger than 5. The enormous growth in the elderly population is posing a socioeconomic challenge to societies worldwide, and necessitates new sweeping interventions for age-associated diseases. This year we have an incredibly exciting program with global thought-leaders sharing their latest insights into aging and how we target aging process ensuring everyone lives a healthier and longer life. Welcome to the 11th Aging Research and Drug Discovery Meeting.
Leaders in the aging and longevity field will describe the latest progress in the molecular, cellular and organismal basis of aging and our search for interventions.
Watch the presentations from the largest aging research
and drug discovery meeting free at your own pace
"We are really looking forward to this year's ARDD meeting. We are extremely humbled, honored and excited that so many amazing speakers will join our meeting that will be onsite at the University of Copenhagen. This year we maintain our focus on young scientists who will be the future of our field and we have a large amount of speaker slots for these rising stars. In addition, the highly succesful Longevity Medicine workshop will be repeated and we are in the process of organizing further exciting workshops. More to come!"
Morten Scheibye-Knudsen,
The University of Copenhagen
  • Morten Scheibye-Knudsen
    The University of Copenhagen
  • Daniela Bakula
    The University of Copenhagen
  • Alex Zhavoronkov
    Insilico Medicine
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