History ARDD 2020
History ARDD 2019
  • The 6th Annual Aging Research, Drug Discovery and Artificial Intelligence Forum was certainly one of the highlights of this year's Basel Life. We heard inspiring talks both from thought-leaders and rising stars in the field, and I was impressed to see the diversity of the panels and speakers. I will definitely attend again next year.
    Martin-Immanuel Bittner
  • This was my first time at the ARDD meeting and I greatly regret missing previous ones, because it was absolutely excellent. A top-quality speaker lineup among which I felt honoured to be included, and an audience comprising a healthy mix of in-crowd and newcomers. One of the best longevity-focused meetings in Europe, for sure.
    Aubrey de Grey
    AgeX / SENS Research Foundation
  • This event brings together two merging fields: "AI, were exponential progress happens already, and life science, where it will happen next."
    Patrick Burgermeister
    Kizoo Technology Capital
  • The forum has brought together vibrant and inspiring speakers and entrepreneurs studying fundamental processes of aging biology and translational applications.
    Jerome N. Feige
    Nestle Research, EPFL Innovation Park
    School of Life Sciences, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)
  • This meeting reflected the fact that the future is here and that drug discovery and AI are now mainstream in our scientific journey to delay and stop aging.
    Nir Barzilai
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    The Institute for Aging Research
  • The energy at the meeting was incredible. It is indeed an exciting time for aging research and translation.
    Danica Chen
    The University of California